Our Values

Our Mission

To enhance quality and professional organizations by delivering customer-specific, innovative, real-world organizational change.


Our Commitment

Tectonics International provides high quality Organizational Development, Enterprise Agile, Change Management and consulting services. We are committed to designing, and implementing, effective, efficient, innovative client-specific, customer-driven interventions, systems and processes to meet the needs of each of the organizations, communities and people it serves.

Tectonics' continuity and overall direction is based on growth and our creed of excellence which insists that we provide substantive result-oriented, value-added organizational change that leads to world-class operations and managerial systems for our clients. TII is proud to be an organization in which its employees have a unique dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Guiding Principles

Our willingness to innovate provides our ability to differentiate our products from those of our competitors. 

Cost Effectiveness
We must practice effective cost management as part of our commitment to our customers. 


Customer Orientation
We are nothing without the customer. Within the bounds of sound business             policy and our ethical code, we must deliver the level of services desired by our customers. 

Technical Competence
Our ability to provide the services we have promised our customers mandates that we practice continuous learning and be on the leading edge in our field. 


Social Sensitivity
We are committed to behaving as a responsible community citizen. 

High Ethical Standards
We have an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity and fair play. 


Employee Development
Along with economic incentive, we believe that employees much achieve personal fulfillment in their careers. 

Employee Participation
We believe that employees who are involved make more productive, innovative and cost-conscious employees. 



Our Vision

To become the industry standard for leading edge services that implement positive change in a global economy.