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About Us

Who is Tectonics?


Established in 1994 to provide our client organizations with customer-specific, innovative, real-world solutions and organizational change.

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Our Values


Our creed of excellence insists that we provide substantive result-driven, value-added organizational change for our clients.

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Our People


We provide over 120 years of business experience to our clients. We are committed to providing innovative customer-driven processes and systems that meet the needs of each of the organizations, communities and people we serve.

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Client Services

Organizational Development


OD applies systems thinking, business acumen, and organizational psychology to reengineer systems, processes, and organizational cultures to enhance our client organizations’ effectiveness. To maximize that effectiveness, we review culture, planning, leadership, HR, and how change is implemented. For over 25-years Tectonics has helped our clients to affect positive change; let us assist you in identifying, and removing, your organization’s barriers to success.

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Enterprise Agile


Today the need for change is nonstop, coming at with ever increasing speed; using the old model to implement change  practically guarantees initiative failure. Enter Agile, a globally proven change methodology renowned for its success in IT. Agile provides organizations a way to rapidly implement change. It ensures that any change, regardless of size, complexity or location, can be  quickly implemented anywhere in your organization in weeks not months. Let Tectonics show you how.

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Change Management


No two changes are exactly alike, nor are any two organizations. Following a recipe for managing change is not sufficient to make culture, systems or process improvements to drive business results; the right approach will be specific to your situation. If you do not understand the "why" behind your actions when initiating change, the changes will not be sustainable even when reputable change management processes are used. Let Tectonics show you how to implement change that is sustainable.

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