Leadership Development

The Executive Team


 Because the management group's behaviors (vs. their words) are the single most important driver of organizational cultures it is critical that they personally participate in the culture/behavior change that they are mandating for others. Indeed, to insure their own integrity and the success of the change initiative, they must lead by example.


Personal change is much like a rubber band, however we are stretched into a different shape we keep trying to return to our original, more comfortable behaviors.   Addressing, with conviction, the need for the management culture change to change is the single most important requirement for management team effectiveness and a successful organizational change initiative. Download an example of the retreat agenda below.


Executive Mentoring


In a rapidly changing world, leaders are frequently at a loss for new approaches and solutions to organizational challenges. Often leaders have no “sounding board”, someone with which to discuss new ideas and/or obtain objective, unbiased views. This is especially true for leaders who have a long tenure with the organization..


Executive mentoring provides leaders with a confidential venue to discuss strategy, events, challenges, staff, personal growth, systems and processes without the restraining overlay of organizational politics, personal agendas and relationships. In the mentoring environment old paradigms may be challenged, new paradigms created, and all with the broad, outside experience and views shared by a mentor who has “been there”.  Ask Tectonics about their custom-tailored mentor programs.

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New Leader Transition


Turnover in leadership is a fact of life in all organizations. And while there are benefits to be gained from these changes, if they are not properly managed the transition can be dysfunctional  Indeed, it may take as much as four months to a year (and sometimes never) for a new leader to become fully effective. Managing the transition process shortens this timeline by providing the new leader with the information needed to make sound decisions re priorities, understanding the organization, implementing improvement and enhancing team effectiveness.

Originally developed in the business world, and refined in the military, Tectonics' ASAP New Leader Transition program is designed to avoid these pitfalls and get a new leader and their team on the same page to achieve results. Download the ASAP overview below.


Managing Change


  In a change environment activities overlap taking place concurrently across different groups of employees. As a result, most organizations are not equipped to provide the necessary change interventions that include retraining and refocusing their employees to new strategies, systems, structure, processes, culture and, of course, individual new behaviors.

Implementing a change initiative is difficult under the best of circumstances. More often than not, the change initiative is attempted piecemeal using contradictory activities that send conflicting signals to the organization and its stakeholders effectively stopping the initiative in its tracks as employees and other stakeholders mark time waiting for clarification, losing morale and momentum in the process. 

Work with Tectonics to manage your change in a manner that addresses the primary causes for 70% of change initiatives failing. 


Leadership Development


The path into management generally comes with the person promoted based on demonstrated technical competence and a personality compatible with those already in the management ranks. As the organization rarely offers management skills training, the new manager is left with the options of self-study or emulating current management practices few, if any, of which will prepare him/her for their new role as leader of others. 

Tectonics believes it is the obligation of management to prepare their organizations to survive and prosper in a highly competitive environment. That success will not be achieved through hierarchical management styles. Further, managers will require  more than technical skills, organizational sanction (hierarchy), and positional authority to create the trust necessary to unleash the talent of their internal customers, the employees. Let Tectonics work with you to design a leader development program aligned with your organization’s current, as well as future, needs..

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