Enterprise Agile

Agile Isn't Just for IT

Business (private, non-profit and government agencies) has evolved driven by the environments in which it exists. That evolution has been a balky, slow, and often painful path as business Darwinism relied for centuries on survival of the fittest, aka the strongest. That has changed and, at an ever increasing speed, continues to change and, frankly, most businesses are struggling to adapt to this new reality. Several reasons contribute to their struggles:

1. Ignoring, or not recognizing, the new reality and attempting to continue business 

     as usual protecting the status quo.

2. Not understanding that the era of Lewin’s “unfreeze, change, refreeze” change  

     model is not applicable in today’s environment. Change is no longer a change-

     stop-change-stop discretionary process that can be put off or glacially 

     implemented; change is now a full run on continuous process more akin to a 

     sigmoid curve than a straight line.

3. Not understanding that evolutionary change, even for government, is no longer an 

    option; they must adopt a more revolutionary mindset and embed change in their 


4. Specifically in the case of non-profits and government agencies, there is a lack of 

     appropriate success metrics often with a mindset that they cannot go out of 


5. Not leveraging new and emerging technologies. Continuing to work with outdated 

    processes including how change is implemented (or not)

With these understandings we have developed an Agile-driven approach shown in Figure 1 at the top-right for the organization writ large. Agile is not just for IT anymore; it is a continuous process with its roots in Kaizan that ensures any change can be designed and quickly implemented, regardless of size, complexity or location.

Applying this model will provide a consistent and repeatable “cookbook” framework that organizations can use to tackle the daunting, but critically necessary, task of initiating appropriate change then managing it through disruption to a successful and sustainable conclusion. But to do this, you have to first trust the recipe which is why we are providing significant background and context.

It looks and sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is simple if, in the words of the prison warden in the movie, “Cool Hand Luke”, “’Cause you gonna get your mind right. And I mean right.” and that’s what this class is about; teaching the application of this model so that it can be applied across the organization.

And those critical new mindsets are essential to making the model work effectively; indeed, it is impossible to be successful without management changing their attitude, style and approach to dealing with change. As the existing management culture will be one of the limiting factors for what is possible when designing the solution, speak with Tectonics regarding next steps and the decision matrix.

Figure 1: Tectonics' Enterprise Agile Model
Click here to download Agile information.

Figure 1: Tectonics' Enterprise Agile Model Click here to download Agile information.